SnD Alternate Speed Mode Proposal


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Apr 20, 2021
Long walls of text warning. You have been warned. I also don't know how to format like this :')

I'd started playing Search and Destroy very recently, and though I haven't had a lot of time to play yet nor am I very skillful, I do still greatly enjoy the mode for its team and objective - based gameplay. But... something I noticed is that Athios currently only hosts the one mode, Search and Destroy. So to help bring in some variety, I propose a slightly different format to SnD, to give a slightly different option on an already existing mode, as well as a setting option that players could vote on by a per - game basis.

In the lobby, all players can use a command such as "/gamevote" (/vote is for voting for the server) to vote for what they want to play, but instead of just going by simple majority every player that casts a vote for the mode of SnD they want to play contributes once to a vote for that mode. Once the countdown ends and the map is loaded, the mode for that game of SnD is selected at random from all votes tallied, defaulting to regular SnD if no votes are cast. What do I mean? Let's say that there are 4 players, and 3 always vote for option A to play, and 1 alone votes for option B to play, and this happens every game with the votes cast in the lobby. Every time, from all 4 votes and what each one votes for, there's a 75% chance of option A being selected for play, and a 25% chance of option B being selected for play. It might seem a bit off to not just always go with the majority, but this voting system at least gives all players in the lobby a chance to play the mode of SnD they want.
But of course, that's just a voting suggestion. "What's the actual mode?!" That, I give the title of "Blaze", for hot speed. The current Search and Destroy can stay, as "Classic", and if implemented, would be the two voting options as outlined in the above system.

So what would set Blaze SnD apart from regular? Inspired by Destiny 2's Momentum Control mode, my aim with the proposal of Blaze Search and Destroy is to quicken the pace of the game and keep players on their toes, with all of the following changes:
  • Natural regeneration is boosted by 10%.
  • All players have Speed 1 for the duration of the game. Kits with Speed 2 are unaffected.
  • Enemy nametags are disabled. As a player, you'll still be able to see nametags of your allies, but the only method to spot enemies are through actually seeing them, or through an Arbalest's mark.
  • Fall damage is reduced by 60%.
  • When any invisibility kit (Ghost, Wraith as far as I know) takes damage, their invisibility is removed for one second before being restored.
  • Increase the melee damage of all weapons by 2.
  • All actions regarding bombs are sped up by 10%.
  • Medics regain healing energy twice as fast but are unable to heal any ally that took damage within 3 seconds.
  • Other class abilities such as Sabreur's dash see their cooldowns reduced by 30% (if unbalanced for some abilities, can be adjusted on a case by case basis)

If any of these are brokenly overpowered, feel free to let me know and give thoughts/make fun of my ideas in replies. I'm still relatively new to this gamemode so I don't have the clearest ideas of what's strongest and what isn't. I'm just an enthusiastic player tossing an idea out as my first post on here.

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