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May 25, 2020
I'm gonna be honest I have to play venom otherwise a single medic choice commonly rolls teams. I'm throwing out many ideas, if medic remains unchanged, we should buff venom. If medic changes, then sure hold off on touching venom. It's just that medic has too much of a presence on a game, venom is one of the only choices to at least stop that from happening.
1.14 Damage invulnerability frames. Damage invulnerability frames have been in the game forever, it was at least in beta. Now if these frames slightly changed, I can't really verify that, but in other servers they had issues with fire aspect cutting DPS in half because of this. They managed a work around and it's flawless.
My vote goes to changing medic instead of buffing Venom

Edit: yeah i frames been around forever but it seems since 1.16 they've become much worse and broke a ton of interactions


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May 30, 2020
My vote goes to changing medic instead of buffing Venom

Edit: yeah i frames been around forever but it seems since 1.16 they've become much worse and broke a ton of interactions
Completely agree with this ^


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Jul 17, 2020
My vote goes to changing medic instead of buffing Venom

Edit: yeah i frames been around forever but it seems since 1.16 they've become much worse and broke a ton of interactions
I can agree with this. Medic definitely needs a bit of a nerf /change.


May 25, 2020
-I think it needs a very minor nerf to the timer for regening spectral arrows. Just add a few seconds, probably around 5 or so. This kit can have a high damage output and it now doesn’t lose the arrow if it misses.
It can have a high damage output, but only on its marked targets, as compared to Shortbow or Pyro's much more consistent damage to all their targets. Don't think it needs a nerf currently. While I've seen it make a difference a few times (on me...) it doesn't have quite the power behind it that the other two have, nor does it have the instant death potential of Longbow.

-Fix the lingering glowing effect bug, this can get invis kits killed really easily and is just legal ESP.
We don't currently know what causes this, nor do we have a way to reliably reproduce it.

-I’m still not a fan of this kit being mapmaker locked, but I would also not be a fan of this kit being played a ton which it would if everyone could use it. Unlock this kit to all; but apply the following changes.
-Each kill an opponent gets should reduce barricader damage and after 3 kills, remove taking fire when breaking a barricader.

-Reduce the amount of note blocks by 2.
I think the blocks it can have can be oppressive, but more so due to the quick cooldown in returning them rather than the number. I think increasing that cooldown would do more for adding a vulnerable period to rush the Barricader after breaking a few blocks and regenning HP.

Unlocking it to all is a topic for sometime else

Yeah. It's a little weird right now. I agree it should be more consistent, but I think it being explosive damage bonks it up a bit. Needs a moderate re-work imo

-This kit either needs to be removed or….
-If the game has 30 seconds to poison, rapidly lower the dwarf’s level, but no lower than regular iron armor and sharp 1 sword.
-Remove the ability to have players warped *near* a dwarf with about a 8-10 block radius.
-Remove some levels on the dwarf if they use a teleporter, the amount of levels removed is related to the distance traveled. 10 blocks per level may work, but this would need playtesting.

-Apply weakness 1 (it’s -4 attack damage) when teleporting, with the same reasoning as jugg which is below, except this kit gets high offensive power on top of being tanky.
Dwarf is not in a good spot right now, I agree. SnD has changed a lot from the campy games of older times, and this kit is a relic of that. I do have an idea in mind that I'd like to see tried out before removal or other drastic changes, namely that of increasing the rate of exp drastically, but also decreasing the max level of enchants. Would have the purpose of making it more mobile and able to set up in places other than its base at the cost of not being the absolute unit it is right now.

Teleporter interactions would be interesting, but I think that's more fitting for a teleporter discussion elsewhere.
-Reduce the number of grenades that the player can throw out at once. I currently don’t know the number that they can use, please enlighten me so I can give a solid number to this.
I agree that the amount of grenades that can appear at once can feel oppressive sometimes, but I think this is more a problem with either being trapped in a corner of a map (good explosive play or bad map design) or just too many explosives. This solution won't fix it for when there's too many explosives, which is when its more likely that you won't have an escape route, as opposed to one explosive making good plays. I'm not sure what would.

-Apply weakness 1 (it’s -4 attack damage, stone sword is 5 attack damage making the jugg have 1 attack damage) for 10 seconds when teleporting. This prevents an extremely tanky kit from moving across the map and immediately entering a fight with players who won’t be able to handle this kit. A stone sword is very good damage with this class and the one thing that this kit is held back by is mobility. If this kit gets teleported, it’s one disadvantage is null. Weakness should help solve this flaw.
Teleporters still won't let it beat any ranged kit. Think this is more a Teleporter problem, and I wanna have a look at it later on.
-Give regen 1 for 8 seconds on pearl use. This kit is decently frail with little offensive power, but it’s meant to approach players with melee. With regen, this kit can enter the fight again much quicker.
Regen would be nice, but a lack of sustain affects nearly every kit. Having downtime between fights is something most kits have to deal with currently. I'd like a solution that'll help those kits out at the same time, rather than just Ninja.

Porcupine, Spy, Trigger:
Martoph addressed these more than I can,,

-Give players warped blast protection 2 to their chestplate for 3 seconds then revert to normal when those players are warped. Players need this to help mitigate coordinated attacks with explosive. This kit is honestly strong already as you can pull players into unfavorable situations for them. This will be an additive enchant so it won’t remove prot 1 or anything like that. For Pyro give them blast protection 3 so they get some buff. For juggernaut do not give them blast protection, they already have damage reduction on top of being tanky. For dwarf do not give them blast protection for a similar reason.
I agree that Warper can be pretty strong if used with big brain. Sometimes even a small brain. Warp a single player into the middle of your team. Easiest warp of your life. What are they gonna do but die?
Blast Protection seems a bit specific though. Maybe a combo of Resistance + Weakness for 1-3 seconds, to give the warped player a second to get their bearings?

-Slightly reduce bonus damage in water, it’s like having a sharp 1 or 2 diamond sword I forget the exact damage. This kit already has insane mobility in water and it’s only good on 1 or 2 maps, but it can be oppressive on those maps.
For full info:
It deals 3 hearts on a normal melee (iron sword damage) and 5 hearts while in water or for thrown tridents, with a 3 second period of vulnerability after throwing the trident.
It's mostly unbeatable in the water. But that is the point, for now. Though, it could be said that with the Riptide / general mobility it's already mostly unbeatable in the water... Definitely things to think about.

-Apply sweeping edge 1 on the sword so it can do a small amount of aoe poison damage which can allow it to apply more anti healing effects.
Don't think we need more aoe/splash damage right now. As mentioned in other replies, changing Medic would be more effective as well.

Overall Suggestions:
-See damage dealt to other players in kill log, this will help players understand situations and interactions better.
-Have a gui to see what kits players are going. Gui will show spy and skinner as trooper. Also no names will be associated with the kits and neither will teams be visible.
-Give more time to SnD lobby but reduce map wait time, also allow players to /team color while in SnD lobby
-Give a /event command that displays a description of the current event, how long it lasts, and what you can get (including what are the limited time items).
Kill log could be neat. Kit GUI I'm unsure of. I don't see any immediate issues, but it is also 5am.
Disagree with changing lobby/map times. They were altered to what they are now to allow for more map exploration time. Mostly benefits newer players.
Choosing the map ahead of time would probably be complicated. Seems like a big system change to me. Don't know for sure. Other stuff seems higher priority.
/event would be pretty complicated. Seems like it'd be easier to just read a Discord/forum post. More details could be provided in them next time, probably.

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