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    Rejected mars

    Hi minerbat, The map is definitely true to its source, but the empty red look doesn’t leave much for players to utilize during disasters. The structures are really well-detailed but are either cramped or dead-ends. Unfortunately we’ll be rejecting it as overall we don’t think the Mars theme...
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    Testing Inferno

    Hi Espios, Doom music intensifies further. This is a very thematic map, so full marks there. I’m concerned about how mobility will be, given the narrow paths and verticality, but the amount of paths could make up for it. The only way to know is to put it into testing, which is what we’re going...
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    Accepted Iron Works

    Hey tababy, First off, we’ll be accepting this map into testing. It’s nice to see an old map coming back! We’ll see how gameplay pans out, but a few other things to note: I agree with Espios, though we are working on improving Floor is Lava. Making the water shallower could be a workaround in...
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    Accepted Taragarh Fort

    Hey Ubre, Aesthetically, this is a lovely map. Espios had some notes about the stripped logs that I don’t think are crucial, but it would be worth testing different block types. Personally I noticed a lot of random torches just placed on walls. Even a small detail like an item frame with a slab...
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    Rejected La Terreur

    Hey everyone, thanks for the map sub. Unfortunately we’re not going to accept it at this time. The map’s primary path is the short diagonal line between bases, but this path is so much shorter than other paths that it discourages taking them. This is heightened by the map being arena-style...
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    Rejected Kahakai Bay

    Hey Myth, thanks for the submission. While the map looks fantastic, there are some gameplay issues we’re concerned about and so won’t be accepting at this time. The map is very flat and open, made more prevalent by how long it is. The wall in the middle makes it very easy for players to pass by...
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    Accepted Complex 9

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    Assign Disasters into "Groups"

    I agree, having the difficulty suddenly turn to 11 and seeing how good you can do is really fun! We're keeping this in mind too 😄
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    Assign Disasters into "Groups"

    We're working on something similar to this! Nothing to share yet, but expect a reorganization of this kind soon.
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    New modes inside "SnD"

    I'm not a fan of diluting SnD with more generic gamemodes. Adding a new gamemode based on other PvP styles? Sure, something to talk about. But this is just a series of games loosely based on bombs. None of these are Search and Destroy. This idea feels very confusing to new players...
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    Submission Chivalrous Civil War

    Hey Espios, I think this map isn’t quite ready for play testing, but it definitely has potential I’d like to see expanded on. The lowered central area that you have to pass through is a neat concept, but there are currently a lot of bypasses to quickly reach the enemy base. Closing off some of...
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    Accepted Mines of Moria

    We've made an update to Moria, with the following changes: Alternate route added to bypass gatehouse Ladders removed from gatehouse Gatehouse second level raised up Bomb moved from tree Banners/lanterns added for extra color/light Small route to mushrooms added for Josh Instead of getting stuck...
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    Rejected Mushroom Forest

    Hey guys, This is mostly a repeat of what was said above, but in its current state the map isn’t ready to be put into testing. Again, a key issue is that the majority of this map's aesthetic is being carried by work that isn’t your own. Taking inspiration from Eremilion’s builds is fine, but it...
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    Rejected Mushroom Forest

    Hey guys, Prior to official map judging I wanted to pass on these thoughts about the map. It’s a pretty unique theme, a good twist on the usual nature/forest maps and utilizes many newer blocks. That said, my immediate concern is that one of the main features of the map, the custom mushrooms...
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    Rejected map?

    Thanks for the submission Rick, but we'll be rejecting this map. The extreme amount of entities makes it very laggy, and the map itself is essentially just a 5-wide tube. An SnD map should adhere to the guidelines found here: