Winter Update


May 25, 2020

Fancy teaser art by @shadowstarcat

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!
Happy winter, too!

Onto the good stuff. We (and by we, I mean Martoph, the sole dev) have spent the past holidays working hard on updating Search and Destroy’s code. The rest of us… Yeah we out here too. Maps. Art. Testing. Planning. You know how it is. Enjoy your winter break!


Say hello to your old friend, kit Chanter, back for this update! And only this update! Similar to Death God, Chanter is a very limited-edition kit, only available for one month after its introduction (now). As time passes and the number of days to access this kit go down, so will its price! Buy it now or use a free kit trial!

For anyone who remembers the old Chanter… This is mostly the same, with a notable change of gifted enchants being temporary. This ensures that users of the kit will be relevant for more than the first 20 seconds of the game! Additionally, enchanted players cannot be re-enchanted for a short time after their enchantment runs out, making sure the enchants rotate around the team.


A supportive kit that can enchant the items of its allies, temporarily boosting them. When an enchant wears off, another cannot be applied to the same user for the same duration. This kit is also equipped with the ability to curse and bless its foes and allies respectively!

Barricader - Block regeneration cooldown increased to 20s.

Berserker - Rage particles color are now based on team.

Burst - Explosion damage nerfed when no entity was hit. Explosions are now more consistent (we promise this time).

Dwarf - Gains and loses levels twice as fast. Lower maximum level.

Frost - Now activates its ability by right-clicking its sword.

Juggernaut - Now has Knockback 1.

Porcupine - Removed Thorns. Extra Projectile Protection. (Temporary) Price lowered to 100 credits

Skinner - Stolen skins are now applied manually. Can take enemy teleporters while disguised appropriately.

Spy - Can take enemy teleporters.

Teleporter - Teleporter blocks now have a short cooldown.

Vampire - Hearts from souls reduced to 3. Souls made more visible and are shared by vampires. (If one Vampire picks up a soul, others can also pick it up.)

Warper - Warped players granted Resistance 2 and Weakness 1 for 2 seconds.

Wraith - Arrows now stick onto invisible kits while also piercing
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