Submitted maps should go through a "testing stage" before it gets accepted and added.


May 29, 2020
With the advent of being able to submit maps, I think it would actually be better if the process for accepting/rejecting these maps should have one more step. A "testing" stage so-to-speak.

This is basically how it'll work: Submitted maps that have made it through the first process (that is--consideration for being accepted) must go through a special test by the community first. The map in testing will appear once in a regular game and played through like normal. After the game ends, players will be redirected to an official forum thread with a poll, via chat link, that asks them about their thoughts on the map, and whether or not it should be implemented into the map rotation. The community may also be able to post feedback on this thread so that the map authors can see what they're doing right/wrong by virtue of the test. The community's majority vote isn't necessarily absolute (as it really comes down to staff decision), but it generally gives a very prominent indicator on the map's quality.

This additional step will greatly help filter out maps that may potentially look good on paper, but may have horrible gameplay when put to practice. There's really no good or accessible way to test how these maps play outside of the server, so their gameplay quality can be fairly uncertain. This step will also make sure it doesn't spark complaints for the map's removal after being accepted (either due to players not liking it or simply not being a fun map to play on)

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