Kit Postmortal


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Jun 24, 2020
Name: Postmortal
Icon: Totem of Undying
Gear: Full iron, Iron Sword, fuse, Totem (totem of undying)

Description: A supportive kit that will channel your lifeforce to a teammate in life, by giving them your health, and in death, by allowing them to live on postmortal.

Details: This is intended to be kind of like a sac rework, but not as game-breaking and with a twist (and without any steak). Once the kit user has selected a teammate by using their totem, the user's health is halved and is shared with the player they selected. If the user is healed, the same amount of health will also be given to the teammate, up to the 5 hearts that the user has. If the teammate wants to be healed more than the 5 hearts, a medic will have to heal them directly instead. The user will be buffeted when damage is sustained by the selected teammate, but they won't lose health until the teammate is at or below 5 hearts (meaning the teammate has to lose 10 hearts of damage before the shared 5 hearts will be depleted. The teammate's health will appear as 15 hearts, but the user's health will appear as 5). If the user dies, the teammate will lose their bonus 5 hearts instantly, and if the teammate dies, the user will die as well. But once the teammate dies, a kill will be awarded to whoever killed them like normal, but a particle effect will appear signifying they've gone postmortal. They will become invisible with no armor and only 5 hearts, and will have 3 seconds to run with invincibility, but cannot attack. After this 3 seconds, they'll be given a stone sword, and can continue playing as normal as a ghost. They will keep any killstreaks and assists they obtained before dying. The teammate does not receive natural regeneration before or after they died, nor does the kit user. Any time their name appears in chat or in tab, it will be italicized, signifying they've already been killed once and are a ghost.

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