Rejected Menger Sponge Base


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Jun 24, 2020
This is an interesting map!

I'm confused about what the theme is though. At first it looked like an underwater themed map with the glass at mid looking like a submarine, but after exploring it a bit more I'm leaning more towards abstract art. Without knowing for sure, I feel some inconsistency in the map (dark gloomy shapes above and blow, colorful blocks for the bases, grass with vegetation on the field, and a glass platform at mid. I'm not sure what to make of it). What was your take on it?

When I first opened the map, the underground section was very confusing. But after flying around for a bit, I think I understand the jist of it. One thing that I saw that I didn't really like is how each "cube" that composes the map has an empty space in it: That might be annoying for people trying to pearl through the map in case they get suck inside them/fall into the void through the middle of them. I would include a block in the very center or the faces of the cube, even if its just a barrier. Some sea lanterns here might also give the map some better lighting, as even on full brightness it's hard to navigate at some parts at night.

The colorful bases also look kind of plain. I might make the doorways, stairways, windows, etc a different color kind of as an accent to the planks (dark prismarine for blue, nether brick for red, maybe?)

There's also a lot of potential for exploring the map and getting pretty far outside the playing field; You can get blow the map into those empty cubes easily without the aid of barricades, pearls, or teleporting. In my opinion some degree of this is fine, like climbing the slopes in Boom Town or the snow map by Myth (boomer brain can't remember the name), but here I think it's a bit much. You can also easily get stuck in these places too.

I think this is a pretty solid start, with some room for improvement! I'm excited to see where it goes from here. Good luck!


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May 30, 2020
Hi Jojo and Mr Zeld,

These are definitely some menger sponges, and if that’s what you were aiming for you did great! Although I believe you may have rode the theme a little too hard, it isn’t really visually appealing with the big blocky colours.

I don’t feel gameplay will be great with most of the map being flat. As Espios mentioned above, the many tiny holes can leave a lot of players stuck for the whole game (not fun).

Another thing to note, it’s very easy to get out of bounds on the map, mainly the underneath layers. If you guys wanna try revamping this I suggest toning down the menger sponge idea a little and add some more height variation. I understand the map is supposed to be a cube but cube type maps tend to not be the most fun in SnD.

We'll have to decline this map for now but feel free to re-open this thread if you update it and goodluck!

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