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Jun 24, 2020
Name: Wizard
Icon: Enchanted Golden Hoe
Gear: Full Leather, dyed purple #8642B8, same protection as gold
Weapon: Enchanted Golden Hoe, renamed "Wizard Staff," deals same melee damage as a wooden sword. When right clicked while crouching, you will be given the option to enchant the staff with one of your spells. Now, by right clicking the staff again, that spell will be cast. (The spell will be removed from your inventory — to save space). The spell and all descriptions will appear with the staffs name when it’s in your hotbar.
Desc: While weaker with a sword, the Wizard compensates with magic!

Details: User spawns with spells in their inventory, listed below. Spells cost mana, which is represented by their hunger bar. If their mana drops below 3, they will become fatigued and lose the ability to run. Mana regenerates at 0.5 per 2s, whenever the hunger bar wiggles. Spells are represented with their icon.

The user also spawns with 1 water bottle named “Mana Potion” that can restore 5 mana points when used. It does not regenerate, and disappears from the inventory after use. The user also has a chance of getting a new potion in their supply crate should they spawn one.

(All spell damages are dealt through magic, and thus are unaffected by armor. A ghost will be dealt the same amount of damage from a fireball spell as a trooper)

All spells will have their own item, and in the name of the item will list how many uses that spell has. All spells, their cooldown, and how many uses the wizard have will also be displayed in a scoreboard for the wizard, with the spell in-hand highlighted. If a user doesn't have enough mana for a spell, the spell will appear grey in the scoreboard, and a fizzle noise will be played if they try to use it.

Red Dye: Summons a fireball, explodes on impact and sets the enemy on fire if it directly hits. If uses when crouching, fireball will be summoned stationary, and will remain there for 5 seconds before despawning. The wizard will have to punch the fireball to move it in the direction they want. If used while standing or running as they summon the fireball, it will begin moving automatically, following their line of sight. Either way, the fireball moves 2x as fast as vanilla. If two fireballs from the different wizards collide, they will explode. Enemies can also deflect fireballs with swords. It is now a "rogue fireball" and can harm either team at 2x the damage. The same thing happens if a user spawns a stationary fireball, and then summons a second fireball that collided with the first; a rogue fireball will be created that is harder to control. Vanilla fireball explosions are very powerful, so the damage should be changed for this spell. Costs 1 mana, 1s cooldown. User spawns with 5 spells. This spell regenerates at 1 spell per 20s.

String: Used by clicking on a player. Can be used on teammates to reach higher areas, or on enemies to disorient them. Gives the player the levitation effect for 5 seconds. The spell can be cast on the user by crouching. Costs 2 mana, 5s cooldown. User spawns with 5 spells. This spell regenerates at 1 spell per 30s.

White Dye:Summons lightning. Lightning will look like vanilla lightning, but will have custom damage. The lightning strikes on to whatever block the user is looking at (with a maximum distance of 50 blocks; if it's used on a distance greater than 50, mana will be reduced, and you will hear thunder, but no lightning will strike). There will be a 1 second delay between when the spell is cast, and when the lightning strikes, making this spell harder to aim at a moving target. If the lightning directly strikes a player, it will cause 4 hearts of damage. if it strikes 1 block away, it will cause 3. If it strikes 2 blocks away, it will cause 2 hearts of damage. If it strikes 3 blocks away, it will cause 1 heart of damage. If it strikes further away than that, it will cause no damage. If this spell hits an enemy, they will receive speed 2 for 2 seconds, and will emit the charged creeper particle for 2 seconds, making consecutive lightning attacks from multiple wizards on the same enemy difficult to coordinate. Lightning can harm the user, and all damage and distance values are doubled if it strikes the wizard. The damage and distance also apply if a wizard is harmed by another wizard. Lightning will not light the player on fire. Lightning also cannot travel through ceilings. Costs 5 mana, with a 30s cooldown. User spawns with 3 spells. This spell regenerates at 1 spell per 60s.

Glowstone Dust: This spell will disorient the enemy for 2 seconds. It will give nausea, and will also invert all the enemy’s controls (mouse movements and walking; if they want to walk right, they’ll walk left. If they want to look up, they’ll look down). Can be used on different players consecutively without a cooldown. Costs 2 mana, with a 10 second cooldown. User spawns with 5 spells. This spell regenerates 1 per 60s.

Purple Glass Pane: Conjures a 3x3 square of stained glass blocks where the user clicks, oriented to face the user (the stained glass will match the wizards team color). Teammates can pass through the shield, as well as their arrows/grenades/RPGs, but enemies cannot (excluding ghosts, wraiths, and other wizards). Enemy explosives (landmines, grenades, RPGs, Trigger blasts, burst explosions, etc) will destroy the entire shield if any part of it is damaged. The shield will absorb all damage, however. Arrows will only strike and destroy the portal block they hit. Shields can be destroyed by hand, though each block will have to be destroyed twice; after the first time it's broken, the glass block will turn white to signify it's becoming weaker. The shield does not despawn. Costs 2 mana, with a 15s cooldown. User spawns with 5 spells. This spell regenerates at 1 spell per 60s. There is no limit to the amount of shields a wizard can conjure, but it costs 1 mama to keep a shield open after its conjured (decreasing the maximum mana (10) by 1 per every shield)

Brown Dye: Creates a 10x3 stained glass platform in the direction the wizard is looking horizontally, colored to represent the wizard's team. Same rules apply as the conjure shield spell regarding explosives and being destroyed by enemies. Enemies and teammates alike can walk on the platform. The glass will be color-coordinated by team. Blocks despawn after 10 seconds, and will turn white after 5 seconds. Costs 0.5 mana, with a 3s cooldown. User spawns with 10 spells. Spell regenerates at 1 spell per 60s.
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Jan 4, 2021
I really like this kit idea. I've wanted a magic-based kit for quite a while now, as I think it would greatly diversify the playstyle of SnD and could make gameplay more interesting, and the kit you present here is overflowing with creativity. For example, I love the wide variety of spells for different uses. There are actually only 2 spells that do damage (Fireball and Lightning), while the rest are defensive/supportive ones. It's obvious that you put a lot of thought and consideration into the spell mechanics and attempted to balance everything while delivering a new, fun kit to the game, so kudos to you. Your description of the kit and its spells is very thorough, which is great as well.

I'm not going to go too in-depth analyzing the spell mechanics, as that could take forever, but I will make a couple of comments. My biggest concern is the lightning spell - multiple Wizards working in unison could "snipe" an enemy up to 50 blocks away with coordinated lightning strikes, which is obviously overpowered. Also, I don't know if I like this aspect of the spell: "Lightning can harm the user, and all damage and distance values are doubled if it strikes the wizard. The damage and distance also apply if a wizard is harmed by another wizard." This would mean that wizards could "snipe" each other for up to 8 hearts of damage from 50 blocks away, or jump into a horde of enemies and use lightning on themselves to do massive AOE damage.

Conjure Shield most likely needs fixes as well. For one thing, if it takes a simple click from an enemy to destroy a block, that's not a very effective shield. An enemy will only need to click 2 times to create a hole large enough for entry, so you might stop them for at most half a second. Also, if you want your teammates to be able to move and shoot arrows through the barrier, then I would think it should be transparent for teammates (i.e., the shield should appear as glass blocks instead of nether blocks).

What is the point of Terraform? The only possible application I can see is to create a bridge across expanses like the void. If that's the case, then something about the timing needs to be changed to make it viable. With a 3s cooldown and 5s despawn time, that only leaves a 2s window between placing another platform and the original one disappearing under your feet. That also means 3s of vulnerability to arrows that could knock you off or destroy the blocks. Either lengthen the despawn time of the platform or reduce the spell cooldown time.

In general, I have a hunch that 7 spells is too many, in terms of creating the kit (coding this thing will be a real pain) and in terms of general gameplay balancing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for kits with higher skill ceilings (this is definitely a promising candidate), but for a new kit in particular, 7 spells will be difficult to balance. If even one of the spells is overpowered, then the entire kit is overpowered.

Finally, I want to emphasize that this kit could potentially introduce a fairly drastic change to SnD gameplay, which may or may not be desirable to others. The vast majority of kits, with all their eccentric and unique features, center around traditional Minecraft PvP (e.g., swords and bows). Sure, you have to deal with an RPG to the face sometimes, or a marine moving at light speed through water, but keep in mind that SnD and Wizards were separate gamemodes for a reason on the old RWF server.
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Jun 24, 2020
You brought up some really good points that I hadn't entirely thought about! I didn't want to make any one spell too powerful, so I think to start off with, I made them all a little underpowered unintentionally. But a kit with as many mechanics as this one is going to need a lot of work to make it balanced and fun regardless.

This is a really good point I hadn't considered. One deterrent to make lightning more balanced could be to inflict damage on the user after every time the spell is cast. Or, what could be another cool mechanic is the user has to charge their lightning by right clicking and holding on the spell. This will cause their mana to go down 1 per second, and the more mana that is used for the spell, the more damage it will do. Then, that same damage would be applied to the user. The damage-scale for this mechanic would take some tinkering with, but I think that it could fix this issue.

I edited the spell so that you can increase the number of shields beyond just 2 (which is what it was before). Now, you can have as many as you want, but for every shield, your maximum mana is decreased by 1 in order to keep them open. This way, you can "layer" your shields to make them more than 1 block thick. My original intention with the shield was to mostly defend against arrows and RPGs, because especially from a great distance, breaking the shield entirely would take a bit to work through with a bow. I do agree with your point though, the shields would work better as stained glass panes or even a translucent block -- one that would take a little bit longer to break. What could also work is there could be a despawn time for the shields, but while they're standing, they can only be destroyed by arrows or explosives. There's many ways we could change the kit to make it more balanced.

The whole point of terraform is to be able to cross an expanse easily, you're right. Terraform could also be used in conjunction with the levitate ability as well. I think a good balance for this spell would be to increase the platform size and/or increase the time it takes for them to despawn. That way, they're more easily accessible by the user's teammates too.

I agree that this is a bulky kit and it will take some work to make it balanced, but I also think that it's bulkiness and versatility is what would make it so much fun. It has the capabilities of being a stealthier, solo kit, with it's levitate spell and ranged attacks, a support kit with it's shields, and more of an offense kit with it's disorient spell and the wide variety of spells that can be used together to be a valuable asset.

And I also agree that this kit is quite unorthodox, but that's also where a lot of the inspiration for the kit comes from. I wanted this version of Wizard to have unique spells and abilities to make it such a distinctive kit, but I also think that if this kit is to be implemented or at least experimented with, it should be made to mesh with the other kits of SnD (and not be alien to the game). I think that making it a hybrid kit between a supporter (which could work with barris or demos), a stealthier kit, or more of an attacker, will hopefully make it fit in with the other kits and abilities of snd without making it something completely new. It should spice up the game and bring it some new life, without being completely game-changing.

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