Introducing the Traps, Traffic, Termites! Update


May 14, 2020
Hi. Been a while, huh? Hope you enjoyed the summer! There’s still some to it, but September is starting soon, and with it, both the school season and the actual season of fall. (or autumn i guess)

We’ve been doing a lot of planning on what we want to get done in the somewhat later future. We’ve also done a lot of planning on what’s coming in the very near future.

New Disasters

Bear Traps
Traps have been scattered across the map. A result of carelessness, or was it intentional?
Watch your step, or else you’ll be ensnared and injured!

Aw man, there sure are a lot of creepers around. Their explosions won’t damage you, but the landing might!

The very world crumbles away! Seek refuge in the center of the map.

You are very hungry. Don’t let anyone take your only food, or else you’re going to starve!

Hot steam erupts from beneath the earth. Watch the ground or be launched into the air!

The sun’s oppressive heat intensifies. Buildings start to melt away. The heat intensifies. Houses slowly melt away. The heat intensifies. The ground melts away. The heat intensifies.
(Thanks MinerBat!)

Moon Gravity
Gravity is taking a vacation. Jump higher, float longer! ...Move slower.

Parasitic Mold
Patches of nasty mold infect the world, appearing and disappearing at random. Kind of gross. Don’t breathe it in. Or stand near it.

Rush Hour
They’re very late for work. Don’t get in the way.

Static Shock
The smell of ozone fills the air. Sparks gather near you. It’d be best not to get close to anyone. (Physically)

This place is infested. They’re eating everything! They’re eating everyone! Get out of there!
(Thanks MinerBat!)

Disaster Updates

Power-ups now have more flare to them.

The map name is now in the sidebar.

Now requires a minimum of 2 players to be chosen.

There is now 10 seconds of downtime between cycles.

Chicken Chase
Removed. Not a popular or fun disaster. Also had a few mini-disasters where Chickens would spawn and perish immediately.

The Floor is Lava
Water mostly no longer turns to obsidian. Tracks block updates between cycles, so destroyed or converted blocks no longer turn into lava.

A boss bar has been added to make it more clear on how to survive.

Cures now spawn in addition to power-ups, rather than instead of. Spawns 5 every 30 seconds at power-up locations and is indicated with a cyan particle.

Search and Destroy

@toomuchzelda has created a very interesting PvP system. We’re looking into adding it and are currently testing it on Athios. Thanks to him for making it, and for everyone in the community who’s helped him!

We’re looking to do a larger balance update for the gamemode in the near future as well.
If you have any special feedback, send it @woaxa’s way...



Taragarh Fort by @____EL_UBRE____ - Accepted

Atlantis by @Espios - Accepted
Jurassic Park by @MinerBat - Accepted
Iron Works by @tababysuper and Laddoss - Accepted

KASA Space Center by @MinerBat - Back in testing due to new update
Inferno by @Espios - Testing
Taragarh Valley by @____EL_UBRE____ , @Espios , @pigpig24 - Testing

Maps in testing phase not mentioned remain in testing.

Ember Hours

Huh? What’s that?

Well… “Official Gamer Hours” has been an idea for a while. We needed a bit of time to figure out how we’d do it. This is our implementation!
We’re also calling it this to not confuse it with the currently existing form of Gamer Hours, which is really any time when players are online.

Anyway. What to expect?

Rotating Schedule

Ember Hours will be at a slightly different time and day on a 4 week cycle. This is to allow for more flexibility in who can actually play! The schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday 7PM EST
  • Friday 3PM EST
  • Friday 7PM EST
  • Saturday 3PM EST
We’ll be starting it this Saturday at 7PM EST!

Active Boosters

Staff will activate boosters for more credits. Hurray for the economy..!
Sidenote, Fenix will soon start announcing boosters. We will announce when this is functional. Make sure to get the @gamer tag on the Discord, as that is where you will be notified!

In the future, there will be other things boosted as well. :)

Keeping it Fresh

If it’s the same thing every week, what makes it interesting?
We have some ideas for that. We’ll do our best to make every week distinctive, focusing on weird maps, specific free kits, or whatever else comes to mind. If you have ideas, you’re free to share them!

Release Date this Friday, August 20th!

The Future of Athios

That header probably scared you a little bit, but Athios has no plans to close or go anywhere anytime soon! You probably noticed a lack of noise from the staff team over the summer, but we’ve all been trying to enjoy ourselves before most of us head back to school. Once the school year arrives, we aim to dedicate more time to Athios and form that groove again. We have many ideas and plans for the coming updates, and are really excited to show them off. This update may not feel like the biggest thing after such a long hiatus, but we definitely still have the drive to continue delivering cool new things.

Secondly, we are going to slow down the advertising for now. Our social medias will still be active and maintained, but Athios is going to take a break from content creators. We really need the time to focus on how we will be able to maintain a bigger playerbase, and how we can achieve better retention. We’ve had highs and lows this past year as far as player count goes, and we decided the best way forward is to make sure we can steadily grow rather than create large spikes every quarter or so. We know that we can effectively get players, but can’t really keep them. Athios may not see any increase in our playerbase in the near future, but know that is intentional. We will resume with big advertisement initiatives after the coming updates.

P.S. Thanks to @Smalusion who wrote most of this update post!

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