Introducing: Disasters!


May 25, 2020

The horizon looks dark. You fear what it may bring.
The time to evacuate has long passed.
You can only hope to survive, as Disasters comes this spring.
Start running. Fast.

May 14, 2021.​

New Gamemode: Disasters!

Take cover from the deadly Acid Rain as it melts both buildings and flesh!

Leap over great Chasms, or fall down into the earth!

Stay evasive as the Cubes of Death delete from existence whatever they capture!

Start falling up, then down, then up again as Gravity Shifts!

Hide from those not from the overworld during a corruptive Nether Invasion!

Don’t move too much, or too little, as you feel an explosive Instability within!

All these disasters and more are sure to get you in a panic!

To help you survive, pick between 6 kits and scavenge the map for 11 different power-ups.


Survive the 3 random disasters for as long as possible. Win by surviving for 3 full minutes, or as the last player standing. Credits are granted for time survived.

Every round, 3 disasters will be selected and played. The disasters have an internal tier system that discourages having multiple super deadly (or super inconvenient) disasters playing at the same time, to keep the overall difficulty more balanced. There is also a system that prevents certain disasters from ever activating at the same time.


Players are given access to several kits to give a starting advantage:
  • Survivor: Starts with two healing apples to recover from various ordeals. Free!
  • Hoarder: Adaptive scavenger, starts with two random power-ups. Free!
  • Jumper: Has two powerful leaps to take evasive action with.
  • Sprinter: Given two bursts of speed to escape those that chase after it.
  • Blaster: Brings a bomb to bust down barriers.
  • Defender: Can channel the spirit of the tank twice to shrug off danger.

Each kit starts with a set power-up, giving players a little control over how they want to survive.


Power-ups spawn across the map over time in set locations determined by a map's builders. They grant a unique, usually helpful effect, focusing on health or movement.

  • Desperate Leap: A second jump.
  • Hasty Retreat: A burst of speed.
  • Hoarded Rations: A golden apple.
  • Disposable Teleporter: TPs user to a random player.
  • Barricade: A set of blocks that can be placed or destroyed, but not picked up.
  • Juggernoggin: Heavy temporary protection.
  • Escape Plan: An enderpearl.
  • Exhausted Wand: Slow, yet steady regeneration.
  • Emergency Balloons: Slowly float to safety.
  • Dud Bomb: Destroys blocks, but not players.
  • Instant Door: Instant tunnel.


Disasters range from the lethal, to the destructive, to the inconvenient. The inability to jump may not hinder much, but if the map has been ravaged by meteors, falling into a shallow hole would mean a quick death.

There are currently 31 Disasters! For details as to what each disaster does…
Now announcing: The Athios Wiki! Coming eventually.

Or, check them out in-game! (Soon)

  • Acid Rain
  • Anvil Rain
  • Atom Bomb
  • Blackout
  • Blizzard
  • Bomb Squad
  • Borders
  • Chasms
  • Chicken Chaser
  • Cubes of Death
  • Flash Freeze
  • Flood
  • Giant Slime
  • Glue Shoe
  • Gravity Shift
  • Gray Goo
  • Heatwave
  • His Gaze
  • Horde
  • Instability
  • Keep Moving
  • Killer Bees
  • Meteor Strike
  • Nether Invasion
  • Plague
  • Sinkhole
  • The Floor is Lava
  • Thunderstorm
  • Tornado
  • Wildfire
  • Wind

Why Disasters?

You may be wondering… Why add a new gamemode? Search and Destroy can struggle to get players, why potentially split the playerbase?

Not to worry, for there is reason behind this decision.
  • SnD is very difficult or impossible to market right now. It’s hard to find content creators who are willing to play or even understand the gamemode. You may recall gameplay where creators die very early into a match…
  • It’s also a fairly difficult gamemode for new players to get into, which can dampen player retention.
  • Disasters is easier to start up as fewer players are required. A game currently fits 2-12 players and is fully playable at any count, unlike SnD, a team game that needs a dozen or more to feel like a proper game.
  • Sidenote: New servers will be automatically created as needed as games fill up!
  • Can make for better content.
  • We’re reaching a point where SnD is starting to plateau in terms of potential additions. It’s very polished and hard to come up with new ideas, while Disasters has a lot more potential.
  • Disasters is a lot more fun to some, being a PvE gamemode rather than PvP

Interested in making a map? We’ll have a Map Submissions Guidelines post out soon!

That’s about it for Disasters. See you there! I’ll be the guy who dies from jumping off a four block ledge after surviving a tornado.

Search and Destroy

Yeah, we have to write stuff here too. We’re not ditching this!

Maps Accepted:

Complex 8
, by @Mythless , @Elitemaster5 , and @Dave_X

Shove Castle by @Espios

Venice [2 team], also by @Espios

We’ll have a new map testing phase sometime soon! Hang on tight.

On the Kits side...

Decoy - Decoy no longer has 0% health to kits that can see health

Skinner - Disguise no longer has 0% health to kits that can see health

This is more a bug fix than a balance, but it’s worth noting!

On a final note, there is now a cool on-death effect. This applies to Disasters as well!

We’ve all been working hard on this update, so we’re very excited for everyone to see it!
See you there!

May 14.

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