Rejected Hell's Former Capital


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May 11, 2021
Name: Hell's Former Capital
Author: Microwaved_Food

Description: Well... Something happened



btw, diamond blocks are the bombs, and the lapis block is the nuke location

I probably submitted this wrong,


Added some more railings to nerf kb a bit and smoothed out the railways + aesthetics. Oh yeah, I also got rid of the floating Column of blackstone in the screenshots, that wasn't supposed to be there:

Even more railing and some mild terraforming
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Jun 24, 2020
This is a decent start to a map! One tiny suggestion as far as your submission goes is to compile all of your photos onto one website or link -- just to make it a little easier for everyone who wants to see the map. I recommend

One thing that sticks out to me right away is the border of the map. It looks perfectly spherical, which doesn't seem very natural. I'm not sure how familiar you are with WorldEdit or voxelsniper, but google some terraining videos on youtube and you could probably pick it up pretty quick. If you would rather not use those, you could vary the terrain by hand with some blocks, though it might not look as good. I'd reccommend including some more variety in the blocks used for the borders as well, as plain netherrack looks bland -- take the Mantle map by Mythless for a possible reference (im blanking on that maps name right now). Also on the subject of the borders, I can't tell from the pictures if there's gaps in the ceilling for supply crates to drop, but I would consider that in your build as well.

The chain railings on the bridges don't look very useful, since they're higher up than 2 blocks. I would also recommend widening pretty much all of the paths on the map by 3 or 4 blocks, especially the stairways leading to the islands in the lava. Seeing as there's pretty much only 2 direct paths, they ought to be easily navigated.

The floating platforms on each side of mid also look kind of unnatural just floating in the air. I might include a column that extends to the floor of the map to give them some support, giving them a "castle" vibe; similarly to what you did with the stairs leading up to them. I'm also assuming this is the spawn for each team? I might make the paths leading to the bombs a little more obvious, though that will probably tie with widening the paths. If those platforms are the spawns, then I would also add some kind of protection from the other team, since some RPGs and Burst arrows could pick off low-armored kits pretty much right at the start of the game.

(2 team maps also don't need a nuke)

That's all I can think of right now going off of pictures alone, since I can't download the map atm. This all might seem really critical, but don't let it demotivate you. It's meant to be constructive! With some work this could be a serious candidate for testing.

Good luck!


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May 11, 2021
Nah, your criticism is valid, and from a terraforming standpoint, I do agree with you. I made this thing on a singleplayer world, which was definitely a mistake looking back at it. I'll probably make a better version on a server so I can use voxelsniper to terraform and etc. With the gameplay issues, I will probably fix most of those since even I acknowledge that this map is really unbalanced.


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May 25, 2020
Hey Microwave,

If this is your first shot at building a map I think you did great! You stuck to the theme you set on and some of the details are pretty cool like the rails going across the sky. Although overall the map doesn’t have a lot of playable space and the space it does have are tiny patches/long straight pathways. You did add rails to help combat some of the void deaths but they’ll still be really prominent, especially going up and down those large staircases. It would be near impossible to actually reach the enemy base. As a defender you’ll just be shot down on from the middle section given the height difference and no cover. I wish you luck to any future builds or updates you make to this one! Feel free to re-open this shall you continue.

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