feedback on every disaster i have something to say about


May 13, 2021
these are just my opinion, you dont have to agree. if i dont talk about a disaster here that means im happy with it (or i havent had it happen to me enough time to find an issue with it)

in my opinion there are 3 factors that define how fun a disaster is to play:
1: the amount of damage it does to the world like meteors or thunder. it is also nice if damage builds up over time (unlike floor is lava for example which reverts)
2: the amount it forces you to move from shelter to shelter like gray goo. something like acid rain where you mostly just find a shelter and wait it out is not very exciting
3: the amount of skill and strategy over luck. death cubes and ice spikes are quite luck based

acid rain: it has a lot of factor 1 and 3, but it really lacks 2. maybe make it only work in a certain radius around a player, but make it stronger so that it eats away almost every shelter but there are still other places to go because it only works in a radius. this way you have to go to a new shelter at least a few times. also, it doesn't actually kill you but brings you down to half a hearth. it should really kill you.

blackout: make being inside more punishing! this way it's more a minor inconvenience than an actual disaster. if you really dont want it to kill people, just make it bring you to half a hearth. if it stays like this, i would rather see it remove entirely

blizzard: it would be cool if it actually started snowing and piling up snow layers/blocks to make it harder to navigate the map. and roofs collapse if too much builds up. i also think a campfire should also count as a heat source

bombs: they are too easy. they are always all defused in the first minute. i dont even know what will happen if they are not defused. maybe make more of them, spawn extra over time, have the bombs take time to defuse or give each player its own bomb to defuse (and others cant defuse that bomb). just dont do all of those lol...

chasms: i like this. there isn't much to say here but having more of them would be cool

cubes of death: i really like that their speed have been nerved compared to grians server. they are still too luck based. usually you only notice youre inside one once its almost completely formed. i think you should make in more obvious i you are in a cube, or in an area where one is about to form. make them a more clear color like red or something, and have some kind of particle and/or sound play when one is forming/about to form in your area. also, maybe its just coinsidence, but this disaster seems incredibly common. i though the disasters were random with an equal change of happening?

flash freeze: they are also very luck based. yes you have the particles but those are 80% of the time not obvious enough. i think they should spawn less commonly, but stay in the map for the rest of the game (factor 1)

gravity shift: kind of underpowered compared to grians version. make the levitation stronger and have it kill you above a certain height. most of the time you can just land in water. i do like the adding of it shifting back and fourth though!

gray goo: make it faster! i also liked the look of iron, but that is just a minor detail

his gaze: i dont like it. it doesn't have any of factor 1 or little of 3 (it requires a lot of luck), and also not much of 2 because there is no way to hide from it other than just doing it's weird things. this is the only disaster i really want to just see removed (instead of changed). but most other people seem to like it so i will just have to go with it i guess...

horde: no factor 1 and 2, but alright on 3. they should be able to (slowly) break blocks to make them reach you. because this way the zombies are quite underpowered

killer bees: the concept is very fun, and i like that they can open doors (even though it makes no sense). only their speed could use a bit of tweaking because they are a little too fast. they also should open trapdoors

meteors: my favorite! one complain: they do damage well outside their blast radius. i have died a few times just by half hearths of damage building up over time of meteors i was well outside of the explosion rage of

nether: this one is fantastic! maybe buff the ghast fireballs to be a little bit more powerfull than vanilla

plague: can you infect other players? i'm not sure because the game doesn't make it clear if that is the case in any way. also make the cure a little more common

sinkhole: i like that it is bigger than grians variant (or the maps are smaller)

the floor is lava: i liked grians variant more where it only happens in a radius around the player, but it stays over time (factor 1 and 2). please make it like that again. it also breaks the sinkhole if they occur together

tornado: it's way too underpowered! here are a few things to make it better. make it destroy the ceilings of caves and suck you out. make it collapse the ceilings of buildings it passes under. make it spit out the blocks it picked up and if you get hit you get a lot of damage. make it larger. make it actually kill you when you get hit by it. i have not yet died to the tornado.

wind: make it pick up strength during the game. make in pick up blocks and make then fly across the map (and damage you if you get hit)

some more generic things:

please make the maps larger. the best time to do that would be now before there are dozens of custom maps made by players in there.

make some ranks other than mods have the ability to choose disasters (from time to time). give map makers the choise when their map gets played. give active community members a small change to select the disasters as a reward for being good members of the community. the change of getting to pick the disasters should be small, and still limited to 3 of them, but it would be cool


New member
Jun 16, 2020
Here's my opinions on your post:
First of all, none of the disasters should be all three. The combos and differences are what makes the game fun. Secondly, some disasters are supposed to be easier or harder than others.
here's my specific opinions:

Acid rain: This one is one of my personal favorites. It forces you into going into a building, where other disasters might make it harder. If another disaster makes one part unsurvivable, you have to take a mad dash through the rain to another safe spot, taking damage, and a lot of fun and urgency, which few other disasters can replicate.

Blackout: It literally gives you blindness. This is more of a support disaster, like wind or glass skin, but it's powerful. Combined with a night-time disaster or a "stay inside" disaster (horde, bees, heatwave) you have no idea what's coming next, with slowness and blindness, and you never know where to go if you need to run (you can't even run with the debuffs) and you never know what's coming. One of the scariest disasters. But without any night or "inside" disasters it kinda sucks, yeah.

Blizzard doesn't need a change, they just needed a name for "stay together" and the snow would be more helpful than hurtful. It's already freezing water source blocks. Generally disasters shouldn't depend on what's in a map.

I agree with bombs, also its too similar to chickens, or even barrier.

Chasms The only problem with this, sinkhole, and nuke is that it stops spreading disasters.

Cubes of death. This one needs a nerf. Not necessarily a direct nerf, but here are some ideas:
form slower. Hear a sound if you're in one. Brighter glass. Make the timer go down faster if active. Count as two disasters. Instead damage you and teleport you to a random location. This one costs too much concentration to worry about other disasters. Also there are few other insta kill disasters, and they give much more time to deal with them, not to mention easier.

Flash freeze: This one is easy as long as you're looking at the ground. This is more of an "easier cube of death"

Gravity shift: This is a support disaster, just like blackout. Although usually more helpful than hurtful, if it spawned Phantoms that hunt high flying players that would be a nice touch.

Grey Goo: This one is fine, it converts 80% of the map near the end, but things like chasms or pithole easily make it useless.

His gaze: Another of my favorites. This one requires you to be diverse and can't just afk and have to focus on it and less of other disasters, and being near/far from light, under/hidden from sun makes it so you can't just hide in a corner. It does force you into other disasters though.

Horde: this one encourages not being in the open, making you have less space for other disasters. They are weak but if they could outrun you and had fire/lava/explosion immunity they would be great.

Killer bees: a bit too deadly, only reliable survival from them is another disaster killing them, few amount of people so fewer bees, or a trapdoor. If they had dumber AI so you could lose them easier would be better.

Meteors: Yeah damage goes through blocks and too big.

Nether is one of the most balanced ones in the game. Re-making terrain and spawning deadly mobs instead of just dealing flat damage is nice, while also forcing you to dodge ghasts.

Plague: Never found a cure once, many times I have tried. You can only run away, and can't fight back, its a stronger version of Horde. This one can be removed, or maybe give you hunger instead of flat damage.

Sinkhole: its fine, other than what I said in chasms.

floor is lava: I think that if it did 2 or 3 blocks at a time people would really have to start moving, and not synchronized, the 2-3 blocks change at different times, to prevent standing on two blocks at once. Also fix it turning into obsidian, or when it says "water" transforms flowing water as well.

Tornado needs to fling around more people, but not do damage except fall damage. It should hit all parts of the map, but not be targeted. I don't want it to be too similar to giant slime.

Wind is one of the more powerful support disasters. Acid rain? Death cubes? instability? running way from mobs, or to objectives? 3 times harder. You cant even jump out of flowing water with wind. One wrong position means death. Just don't pair it with other less deadly disasters.

Using credits to force disasters is an idea, but somehow people have been getting 10,000s of credits so that's no longer an option. Maybe every 15 wins is one forced disaster "token"

These are just my views on this gamemode.

Map changes: Utopia has too much water in the tower and the middle, in slums the only good building is the highway, needs an underground or better buildings. Twisty mountains (or whatever its called) is too hard to get from one place to another, and the one-way pit falls are annoying. Future maps should have a small to medium amount of water, and diverse buildings (tall, underground, small rooms, etc.)

This is my opinion, and I'm ok with all of this being ignored, just want others to see what I have to say.


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Jun 16, 2020
Thanks, now I know you have a valid opinion.

unlike this one....

Thanks for the ideas though, I love working on the game and its fun to see people chime in.
Just because your opinion is "better", doesn't mean mine is wrong. >:(

I just don't like the fact that they always force you to keep moving, and I almost always feel like I'm "cheesing" them every time I win against them, with a trapdoor or punching them to death (or another disaster doing the job), kind of doing the opposite of what they're supposed to make you do. I don't want them to chase you while you loop yourself around the entire map 3 times, because with most disasters that's impossible. I would prefer for it to be a disaster where you can't choose the original spot you chose and have to quickly think of a way to shake of the bees, trying to be creative, instead of certain spots on certain maps deciding if you win or not. I once went into the nether, looped around tons of trees and structures, and the bees were still following me, even when piglins gave up.

What I'm trying to say is that yes, they should be able to open iron doors and trap doors, but there should also be a valid strat on how to beat them, other than always running, but also not "cheesing" them.

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