Fall Balance Update


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May 25, 2020

Hey guys, apologies for the lack of notice for this update but everything below is live now!


Death God
- Added Death God to the kit pool

Pyro - Armor enchantments decreased to Blast Prot 6, Fire Prot 4, Projectile Prot 2, Prot 1

These changes are intended to revert a past overbuff and make Pyro not seem so tanky overall.

Centurion - Removed Sweeping Edge from sword (it didn’t do anything)
Added Sharpness 1 to the sword
Decrease Axes effectiveness against the shield from 5 energy to 3
Ghost Punches no longer stop the shields hit points from regenerating
While blocking Centurion now gains 40% damage resistance

Now Centurion will feel a lot safer behind their shield, as they should.

Burst - Bursts recoil damage has been adjusted slightly
When fully overheated, requires 2 seconds before cooling down
Burst dies if they shoot while overheated now
Added proper msgs in chat for the new feature

Burst has wielded a powerful weapon and top tier armor for a long time, its self damage mechanic hasn’t been enough to offset that. We’ll be watching over these changes to see if further adjustment is needed.

Ghost - Changed their sword enchantment to Sharpness 1
Ghosts now make footstep sounds

Ghost has always been a staple kit, these changes intend to align with the overall archer nerf and push ghost into a supporting role.

Arbalist - Armor reduced to the following
Leather Helmet
Iron Chestplate
Chain Leggings
Chain Boots

Shortbow - Armor reduced to the following
Leather Helmet
Iron Chestplate
Chain Leggings
Chain Boots

Archers deal an infinite amount of high damage while in total safety. Testing the waters with a general armor nerf, we’ll look at the “infinite” part of their ability if a future change is needed

Longbow - Reduced Punch 3 to Punch 2

With the updated combat system Longbow was really flinging the enemy, this is just meant to push it back in the other direction.(Note: This iteration of Longbow is still stronger than the pre-combat update Longbow)

Porcupine - Removed Thorns, being hit with arrows now increases your swords damage
Gain .5 dmg per arrow capped at 12 arrows (ouch)
Armor Enchants changed to the following, Projectile Prot 8

Porcupine has always been weird since your thorns would override your sword's damage, no thorns no problem. This does slightly change how the kit plays, but overall you still want to get shot and then head into battle!

Dwarf - Removed Slowness 1 after you delevel

General Changes

-Compass now accurately tracks invisible kits

-The last man standing fuse is now a one time use

-You can now place crates (and other killstreaks) under blocks, they’ll travel through as if the blocks above were never there


Based on the map poll we put out,,, a while ago(sorry). We’re rotating out a few maps

-Tashic Ruins
-Fancy Mansions
-Tropical Resort
-Boreal Crest
-Valley of Death
-Coconut Mall
-Solluna Town
-[REDACTED] Laboratories

Getting into the Halloween spirit here are some spookified maps being put into the map rotation for the season.

-Valley of Despair
-Dank Britches
-Nevermore Nights
-China’s Hell
-Haunted Ruins

Oh and the Halloween Cosmetics are available again!

We’ll be hosting some Ember Hours tomorrow at 8pm EST, hop on to see the new changes and earn some boosted credits!

This is a smaller update than we’ve released in the past, a lot of this was stuff we’ve been trying to get together for a while but other things had priority like.... the Aesthetic Update which will be following this one and like the update name states will be overhauling Athios and SnD especially to the aesthetic standards of todays minecraft servers, more details coming soon.

There has been some hot discussions recently about where Athios is and where it should be going, don’t worry all of this is being discussed internally and we want to let you guys know once we come to a conclusion.

Special thanks to @shadowstarcat for the banner image!
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