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May 11, 2021
Description: ----
Author: Microwaved_Food


Download link:

Please, give me a better name, I don't have one.

Fixed most of the issues Espios mentioned, besides the empty one.

Power up locations:
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Jun 24, 2020
Hey Micro, some of the pics you included aren't shared publicly. I would recommend either compiling them all into the same link or using a image sharing webite ( like ). That'll make viewing the photos altogether pretty easy!

Also, the staff will want to know where the location of all the powerup spawns are (I believe you used a sponge block to note where they are?) The staff might not be able to find them all without the coords, so I would go back through and include a spoiler in your submission of where they're all at. You'll also want to include flood start and end levels (I believe the flood start level is also where tornado spawns as well)

I went ahead and downloaded your map to get a better look at everything, and its a really good start! I can tell you've put a lot of work into the map.

Gameplay wise, the first thing I noticed is the map is still pretty flat and there's a lot of space that doesn't seem like its properly utilized, other than the top of the buildings, the trees, and the mountain by the lake. The tops of the buildings are inaccessible though without powerups from what I can tell. I might include some stairs or ladders on the outside or inside. The mountain also only has one ladder leading up to the top, and one meteor strike will make the entire mountain inaccessible. The Giant Slime will also destroy it pretty quickly since it's so skinny length-wise. Another way you could add some height to the map is doubling the height of the trees and adding vines or some kind of way to climb the trees. I would also recommend adding another floor to the main building, since anvils or acid rain could eat through the roof pretty quickly with only a few layers of blocks. You've also got a pretty thick layer of stone on the bottom of the map, adding some caves would give players more places to run and hide during the game.

Aesthetically, I don't have many complaints! It's a pretty map. You did a good job on the trees! I do have a question about the smooth stone underneath the house and it's purpose. I would also add some more decorations underneath the deck of the house on it's left side (vegetation, storage for boxes, another room, etc). Adding a few flowers to the grass would also give the map a splash of color as well.

All in all, this is a very solid start! With some more work I think this would be an awesome map to test on. One last thing, it isn't exactly the same as the Sakura map already in rotation, but it has a similar theme. Going forward, I don't think anything has to be changed with this regard, but you should come up with some more additions to really set it apart from that map!

Good luck!(:


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Jun 24, 2020
New version: with new power up spawns as well:

Flood start:6
Flood end:~20ish


More playable space, and better aesthetics. More details, and yada yada yada...
I checked out your updated map and it already looks a little better! I know you're still working on some other stuff, so my only comment is the trees you added.

I explored them a little bit, and it took me a minute to find the path you added at the top of the trunk of one of the tall trees (closest to the lake). From there it took a few more minutes of climbing around to find the "stairway" you added that leads up to the sponge powerup where the tree branches off at the top. I would suggest either adding more definition to this route so people can find it easier, adding more routes, or both. There's a lot of dead space on top of the trees right now that's difficult to access because of how hard it is to find the right way to climb the tree. Other than that one path, I could only find 2 vines that were accessible and lead to the treetops. Other than that, the shape of the tree is nice and I like the way you did the branches. I might add some "berries" or some other colorful block splashed throughout the leaves just to give it some color (red glazed terracotta might work).

I also had an idea for adding another route to that mountain.
Something like that, or adding a second ladder to the cave you already made at the base of the mountain could work. All in all, I love the progress you're making!


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May 11, 2021
New Link:

I finally thought. of a good name for the map :D, and a new description as well. I changed the theme a tad and added some more details. 3 new jumbo trees(2 of them are climbable), and I changed the ladder up the mountain for a trail, there is also vines up the mountain now.

New name:Fading Dream
Description: I wonder how dreams end... Would you care to watch?


May 25, 2020
Hi Microwave, feeling fresh here. It’s been interesting seeing you post progress in the Discord!

  • Starting with the mountain. It looks pretty nice! The terraforming looks fairly smooth, with no obvious traces of world edit, other than a few rough patches. Something I noticed is that slabs are used in some areas to smoothen it out… but only in those areas. If you do that for part of the mountain, you should commit to doing it to the rest, or those areas will stand out and look a little odd.
    While the mountain looks good, it doesn’t feel very good for gameplay. You must either directly climb/parkour up the side, or take the half slab half ladder way up. Either way, it’s an ordeal. And once you’re up there, well. You have height. That’s about it. There isn’t much room to run or jump, leaving it useful for only Flood pretty much. There doesn’t seem to be any other reason to go up there. Would strongly recommend possibly squashing it down, making it wider, or just anything to make it more friendly to players in survival mode.
  • The trees look great! Well done on them. I like that I can climb up and run on the leaves. However, they don’t feel great to run or parkour on either. One idea could be to add more actual structure there, such as tree houses, wooden bridges/platforms, or solid branches. That could be one way of making it both more interesting and fun.
  • The actual map itself seems fairly flat, other than the minor variation in terrain height. If I want to be above floor level, it seems my options are limited to the trees or the mountain, and neither are great right now for that.
  • As for the map’s theme… I’m not really sure what it’s aiming for. It sort of feels like parts of the map are individual set pieces, not really cohesive. Like they’ve been placed just to fill up space. ...While in the end, every map is made of pieces that fill up space, they usually feel like they have a connection to each other. I’m not sure if I feel that here. You have the ruins on top of the mountain, the coral reef, the gateway to hell (cool idea btw), a tiny farm, as well as the main? buildings. I would recommend picking something to be your central theme and making sure the rest of the map aligns with it, as it currently only feels like an area.
  • Two misc things: Try setting a biome over the area! Nearly anything’s better than plains. The forest biome gives everything a pleasant green, for example. The other thing is that Acid Rain would melt everything on this map. Areas of cover are advised, as currently I only see some caves in the mountain as cover.

We’ll be rejecting this map for now, as there are quite a few things to be adjusted, but I believe this has potential if you wish to keep going.

Thanks for the map submission.

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