Athios will be updating to 1.16.2 August 22nd


May 14, 2020

1.16.2 came...
and so has optifine!

This means I need to update to 1.16.2...
which means dropping 1.16 and 1.16.1 support. I'm sure many of you will be devastated.

Along with 1.16.2, there are a couple of bug fixes and patches that have become long overdue. Here's the full changelog:

- Updated to 1.16.2
- Paladin will only apply effects if you currently do not have them (ninja is no longer allergic to the speed beacon, regeneration will feel better).
- Medic won't send obsolete messages anymore
- Pyro's (and others') achievements have been formatted correctly.
- Frost will now correctly freeze the offhand of trigger and warper
- Spectators can no longer bother boats
- Venom's anti-heal properties no longer linger longer than they're supposed to.
- Absorption and regeneration will now be removed at end game poison
- Arbalist arrows will now come back if the arrow fell into the void or if it has not reached a target in 10 seconds (caused by shooting it into the border)
- Maps that are supposed to assign teams to random sides now do that correctly.
- You can no longer interact with most inventory blocks
- Landmines can now be broken and returned after a 40 second cooldown
- Paladin now has blast protection, projectile protection, and protection 1 on all armor
- Paladin beacon cooldown has been reduced from 20 seconds to 16 seconds
- Paladin achievements now register correctly

A note on discord
Many have noticed we have decided to restrict any streaming. This was an oversight from when I first created the discord and should've never been allowed. It is simply too much for staff to moderate, as the content being streamed is our responsibility to monitor, can change at any time, and in general opens a lot of tricky questions of how to manage it if it were to be an option. There is virtually no chance of streaming being allowed in the future.
Secondly, I wanted to stress that the #athios-content is strictly Athios related. If you have funny screenshots, art, videos, or streams that feature Athios you may post them in that channel. #community-content is not Athios related, but should not contain any Minecraft server related content.

The rules page has been updated.
Disturbing the peace Players who are found to be disturbing the peace, whether it is by being excessively rowdy or making other players uncomfortable, may be asked to tone it down. Not doing so may result in a mute! Keep in mind that this is not limited to just these two examples!

Toxic Behavior Athios does not approve of toxic behavior. Any overly negative attitudes, excessive complaining or arguing, or any other behavior that negatively impacts the server or community will not be welcome and will be met with a mute or removal from the server.

Thanks for playing on Athios. As always, more is planned for the future!

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