Athios - Now on 1.16!


May 25, 2020
Hey gamers.

Athios is now using Minecraft version 1.16.1. That means you can no longer connect with 1.15!

If you've somehow forgotten the IP, or are new, here's the IP once more:

We've also pushed out a bunch of kit updates, here's a changelog of everything that's fresh:

  • New Kit: Porcupine - 300 Credits - Thanks @Onett !
    A spiky fighter kit that excels against archers. It partially reflects all direct damage dealt to it. Each arrow stuck in its armor will increase the effectiveness!
  • Kit Re-Vamp(ire) - Spawns with 8 hearts. No longer gains hearts on kills. Can pick up the souls of nearby slain allies to gain 2 absorption hearts. This can stack to 3 rows of hearts.
  • Arbalist - The spectral arrow is refunded for missed shots.
  • Burst - Takes less self damage from its own explosions. Damage from shooting arrows remains unchanged.
  • Frost - Given +1 armor point to match iron, was previously less than iron. Frost main rejoice!
  • Marine - Boots are now consistent.
  • Spy - No longer appears at the bottom of tab team lists.
  • Explosions are more consistent - This affects every kit that can use explosions! (Burst, Demolitions, Explosive, and Trigger)
And yes, this does mean that the new nether blocks and biomes can now be used in maps! We look forward to seeing what's done with them.
On that note... We will be responding to current map submissions in the near future!

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