Anniversary Update


May 25, 2020

1 year of Athios! Wow!

Happy birthday Fenix! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been a year, has it? And what a year it’s been… We’ve all been busy, I’m sure.

Here’s some fun stats!

From the server’s launch…

  • Collectively, 23,000 hours have been logged on Athios. That's a lot of hours.
  • With the force of everyone’s gaming might, 1,200,206 credits have been earned from SnD alone, along with 75,180 points.
  • As of this update, 22 new SnD maps have been added to the server, counting the two in testing
  • There have been 199,450 murders in SnD! So bloodthirsty!
  • Over 60,000 messages have been sent on the Discord!
  • I hope to have many more stats with you all.

Athios Updates

Boosters have been implemented! They will enhance the credit gain of anyone playing the selected gamemode!
Whoever uses a booster will add an hour of credit rain upon all who play, with their username boldly displayed to spread awareness of their generosity. They are available in the Athios store, though more ways of obtaining them may be in a future timeline near you…

Access these with /booster !

We’ve got some new friendly faces in the hub. They’re here to provide helpful links to wherever you may need to go! Say hello to… hm… I don’t think they have names. Just say hello! They’ll introduce themselves, eventually.
Regardless, they’ll provide players with Voting links, Discord/Forum links, a Store link, and a handy quick tutorial, to better welcome new players to the server! The tutorial is set to be expanded on in the future.

Fenix’s representative has gone on vacation for the time being.

The in-game cosmetics menu will be receiving an overhaul. No more shall you wait for RNG to bless you, for there is no more need of that. Now, all* cosmetics will be available at any time, provided you have the points to spare. Access your cosmetics through the golden ingot in your hotbar!

This part about cosmetics will be out later this week!

*Exceptions apply. Certain cosmetics are VIP-only or can only be purchased during events.

Above art by annisdying.

What’s on the SnD Side?


Burst: Sword is now wooden

Ghost: Arrow stick time has been increased to 10 seconds. Reverts its last change

Juggernaut: Chestplate is now Netherite

Sorcerer: Barrier now applies 3 seconds of Slow, down from 5

Trooper: Regen from apples increased to 6 seconds, up from 4

Wraith: Arrow stick time has been increased to 10 seconds. Reverts its last change


New Orleans, by Espios and xmaymayx - Testing

Shipwrecked, by Espios - Testing

We’re looking to reduce the amount of maps currently in rotation to increase the quality of gameplay. Want to help us with this decision?

Vote on this poll and let us know about your favorite maps!
All maps have been labeled with images for your voting convenience.

Click to vote! Athios SnD Maps Poll

How about Disasters?


Power-ups have a firework to announce their spawn

The way Disasters are picked has been modified to discourage games where players can sit in a single spot the whole round

Bombs: A second wave of bombs will spawn halfway through the round

Cubes of Death: Takes longer to fully form

Gravity Shift: Players will begin to suffocate at high altitudes (Y100 and above)

His Gaze: More forgiving for the prompt where players must stop moving

Meteor Strike: Reduced damage radius

Plague: Cures glow, to be more easily seen from a distance

Thunderstorm: Reduced kill radius


Complex 9 by Team ZBA - Testing

Shipyard Showdown by Espios - Testing [Not in-game yet, will be once map borders are edited]

What’s next?

There’s definitely a lot planned for the future. A lot of what we have here and in past updates is building systems for further and better expansions. There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes. I’m still waiting for that first paycheck…

We’ve got stuff in mind to keep the server looking fresh and attractive to new players, as well as general upkeep.

But anyway.

Thank you for playing and supporting the server. We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

Party Time

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