2 Porcupine Suggestions


Jul 17, 2020
1) Arrows sticking for Wraith and Arbalist
Wraiths arrows are inconsistent with its arrows being stuck to porcupine and Arbalists normal arrows do not stick at all to porcupine. In both cases, I tested it just to make sure. I found that (for some reason) every other arrow from Wraith would stick to porcupine and that, as aforementioned, Arbalists arrows would not. Now, regardless if this is an oversite or a bug, I am here to suggest that the arrows SHOULD stick to Porcupine for both Wraith and Arbalist (not counting spectral arrows btw):

Reason: Both Wraiths and Arbalists arrows stick on Ghosts. You may argue and say that this is the case for Ghosts because they are invisible so it makes sense that Wraith and Arbalists arrows stick to them since they are also ranged kits. In other words, it would be unfair to give other ranged kits like Shortbow and Longbow the ability to have their arrows stick on Ghosts while Wraiths and Arbalists arrows don't just because they pierce. This logic, however, very much applies to Porcupine. The purpose of Porcupine is to counter ranged kits and gain boost from their arrows. Wraith and Arbalist are ranged kits so it would make sense for their arrows to stick to Porcupine because of this.

2) Arrow disappearing inconsistency
The amount of time it takes for an arrow to disappear from Porcupine seems to be inconsistent. I have had situations where some arrows disappear from me almost immediately after being shot and some arrows that would last almost the entire match. This is more of an observation as I was not able to properly test this, but I am fairly certain it is inconsistent. The kit relies heavily on the amount of arrows it has sticking out, so having an inconsistency like this is detrimental to the kit.

EDIT: Removed timer suggestion. I agree that it could get annoying having the timer reset with every arrow hit. It would be simpler and better to keep it the way it is with the fixed inconsistencies.
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May 25, 2020
I wouldn't be against adding in the first idea. I feel like porc is good rn but Im cool with adding a few more minor buffs to it.

And for having the number of arrows in you be based on a timer, I think it's an interesting idea but I'd still prefer to just keep it the way it is now and fix the inconsistencies if possible. It'd be pretty annoying to wait for the arrows in a porc disappear before going in to fight it, then one of your teammates tries to shoot it and resets the cooldown.

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