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  1. NightWolfy

    Banana cake with chocolate frosting is the tradition in my household!

    Banana cake with chocolate frosting is the tradition in my household!
  2. NightWolfy

    Rejected Onett

    Hey there Mr_Ze1da & Gilburritoz! What a creative and novel map! Personally, while I did not play the game that this is from (though I do recognize a specific portion of this map from Super Smash bros), I always do appreciate a map that is based on something else! Kudos to you guys for taking...
  3. NightWolfy

    Map Submission Guidelines

    Welcome to the Map Submissions section for Disasters. Here, you can submit a map you’ve made and offer input on maps submitted by other players! Submitting a Map: When you submit your map, make sure to include these! Map Name: Self-explanatory. Authors: Players who contributed with the map...
  4. NightWolfy

    Rejected La Terreur

    Hey everybody! Here is a map made by myself, @Lexplosion, and @Imllay2 Map Information: La Terreur is a map loosely based on the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution (1793-1794). Map Description: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité ou la mort. Roughly translates to: Live, Laugh, Love. It...
  5. NightWolfy

    Rejected Shipwrecked!

    Hey there Espios! Thank you for the map submission, however at this time we will not be accepting this map. Our primary issues included: Terraforming - The terraforming is quite rough in places, and overall needs to be smoothed out by hand to make it look less worldedited. Bases - While you...
  6. NightWolfy

    A Few Questions for the Community

    I joined Search and Destroy during the EoE days, however I was 12 years old at the time, so I will do my best to answer these questions. 1. In my opinion, I think the years of EoE/The Fridge was the heyday of Minecraft. While we have certainly seen a renaissance in the last few years due to...
  7. NightWolfy

    Rejected Wisteria Valley

    Hey guys! Thanks for the timely changes y’all made to the map! These changes are steps in the right direction, however the staff team does not think it fully resolved some of the bigger issues that were preventing us from putting the map into testing. The terraforming on the map is still...
  8. NightWolfy

    Rejected Labirynth by RickHardDope

    Hey Rick! Thank you for your map submission! However, as others have previously stated, there are some issues with the map. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting this map, however, we encourage you to continue practicing and improving your building skills! Additionally, we recommend you take...
  9. NightWolfy

    SnD Character Drawing Requests

    This seems like fun! Count me in. NightWolfy Kit Ghost Do whatever your creative genius comes up with.
  10. NightWolfy

    Rejected Wisteria Valley

    Greetings Sizzlerkun (and Tetrix1 and Gav1nQuD)! First and foremost, thank you for your map submission for the server! I can tell that you guys put a considerable amount of effort into this map, and that effort shows. However, unfortunately, we are going to be rejecting this map for the time...
  11. NightWolfy

    Rejected Uncle T's Family Factory

    Hi there Triggs & Lex! After having this map in the testing phase, we have decided not to fully accept this map onto the server. Some of the main issues with the map are as follows: The vast majority of the fighting area of the map is covered in the same workstation. We believe that there...
  12. NightWolfy

    Player Report: Woaxa - ESP

    Hi there! The player in this video has been banned. Due to the fact that he was a map developer, we were skeptical about whether he was hacking or not, but your proof in this video clearly shows, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he was indeed using an ESP hacked client. Thank you for the report!
  13. NightWolfy

    Rejected Forrest Trespassers

    Hey BigYellowDuck! First and foremost, I want to thank you for the map submission! I always love when people attempt to take something old and remake it into something newer and better, while still holding onto the original theme and concept of the original. Unfortunately, however, we are going...
  14. NightWolfy

    Mall Stores for Map!

    Going to lock this thread since it's a bit... irrelevant now.
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    whatever happens, happens

    Cool video. Sick shots. Chill music bops. Me gusta. See you space cowboy.
  16. NightWolfy

    Rejected Aztec - 4 Team SnD map

    Hey SirDodgy! Smal and I appreciate the hastiness of which you made updates your map! This also isn't an official map judging post, however I just wanted to voice a couple concerns we still had pertaining to the map. The leaves still unfortunately decay, so whenever we load the world we have...
  17. NightWolfy

    What are your Favorite Songs Right Now?

    Most people here probably don't listen to country music, but hey I'm gonna be that guy and post it here anyway! One of my favorite artists that I always end up going back to is Aaron Watson. Good mix of catchy music and also deep-meaningful songs, and always has a good moral through it all...
  18. NightWolfy

    Week 2: SnD Updates & Maps

    Hello and welcome to the end of the second week here at AthiosMC! Here’s a log of all the updates we’ve had throughout the week: All Kits now have more updated descriptions The Kit Layout menu now shows kit armor Rotating Achievements now award fewer credits Knockback has been improved to...
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    Pretty sure exploding TNT inside of a volcano may have something to contribute to this terrible tragedy. I hope the guests of the Tropical Resort are okay and safe!! 🙏
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