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  1. Smalusion

    Project Pinion Progress #3

    Hey gamers. In this log, we’re focusing on how we come up with designs for the resource pack, as well as other bits of information. Yep. There will be a resource pack! There’s a lot we want to do that would be impossible or very difficult without one! Before we properly begin. Here’s a look...
  2. Smalusion

    Project Pinion Progress #2

    Hello this is the very second edition of Project Pinion Progress coming to you LIVE from the Athios team. Today we will be talking about enemies and share an update on dungeon generation. But before we start. Would like to apologize for the delay in putting out this PPP. We’ve all been hard at...
  3. Smalusion

    Aesthetic Update + 1.18

    Athios MC1.18.1 now wow fresh hot It’s been a little while since 1.18 was released. There’s good reason for that! Lib’s Disguises (important plugin) needed updating and our very own overownerlorddev Martoph put his own efforts into an update for it. Also. There was a major security issue that...
  4. Smalusion

    Next Update + Future Plans

    Hi. The gamemodes, as they are, don’t seem sustainable for growing the server. We’ve seen discussion about this and have been planning on what to do next. We also thought that involving the community in what’s going on behind the scenes would be a good idea. So here is what is up, my fellow...
  5. Smalusion

    Accepted Iron Works

    Hey you two. Nice work. Map’s accepted! The Floor is Lava will be fixed soon, so I’ll ask that you send a version of the map with current updates + normal levels of water. You can send it through here or DM me on Discord. Congratulations !
  6. Smalusion

    Accepted Jurassic park!

    We’re looking to fully accept this map! There is one thing that requires changing first, however. Due to upcoming changes to Disasters as well as it being generally unintuitive, the wall of barriers needs to be removed. The size of the map is what it is to keep lag at a minimum, and cannot...
  7. Smalusion

    Testing Taragarh Valley

    Hi gamers. Pretty hot map. We’re looking to get this into testing soon, but we do need those power up coordinates… 🥺 🥺 🥺
  8. Smalusion

    Rejected Fading Dream

    Hello again. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to reject this map. Comparing it to maps currently accepted or in testing, Fading Dream feels very empty. There aren’t many structures to run on, in, or around. The 3 main points of interest would be the set of buildings, the mountain, and the trees...
  9. Smalusion

    i am feeling a little cold, but not to worry, for i have a blanket next to me

    i am feeling a little cold, but not to worry, for i have a blanket next to me
  10. Smalusion

    Disaster 7 New Disasters Ideas

    Camping is something we remembered happening a lot in the original RWF Disasters and it isn't something we really want, as it's ... boring. The current system attempts to discourage camping by choosing a disaster that makes you move every round, such as Killer Bees, Giant Slime, or Cubes of...
  11. Smalusion

    Rejected mars

    Hello Miner! Just a quick response for the moment. I really like how this map looks, great job! The surface of another planet is a theme that's only been done maybe once or twice before, but not quite as successfully as this. However, this map feels very empty. There's not much you can run or...
  12. Smalusion

    Rejected Solar Feud

    Hello team, looking cool! First off, very nice improvement from the original version! You did a great job clearing out the center planet and making it more suitable for combat. The ships add a lot to the theming and character of the map as well. However, some issues from the original version...
  13. Smalusion

    Rejected Fading Dream

    Hi Microwave, feeling fresh here. It’s been interesting seeing you post progress in the Discord! Starting with the mountain. It looks pretty nice! The terraforming looks fairly smooth, with no obvious traces of world edit, other than a few rough patches. Something I noticed is that slabs are...
  14. Smalusion

    Accepted Atlantis

    I've been informed the map has been updated and so it enters the testing phase.
  15. Smalusion

    Accepted Jurassic park!

    Sorry about the delays, it's hard to organize sometimes and I do have other objectives. That being said.. Jurassic will be joining the testing phase now. Well done! We're concerned about cramped areas, but we'll see how they play out. The testing phase lasts 3-4 weeks, though it can be longer...
  16. Smalusion

    Accepted Atlantis

    Hey Espios, looking solid over here. Two things I'd like to bring up... The flood height is very high, leaving very little safety when active. I believe you could reduce the max flood height by a significant level and still leave much of the map flooded. The other thing is that large...
  17. Smalusion

    Accepted Jurassic park!

    Hi MinerBat. Great work with the map! It looks fantastic! I love all the details that are well, everywhere. The video's fine, though I personally prefer pictures. It is a cool video though. We're looking to get this into testing soon, but there is one pressing issue. It's a little too big...
  18. Smalusion

    Rejected City Chaos

    Hi Dodgy. This map is very visually impressive, it’s a joy to fly around and look at all the buildings and details you’ve made. Well done on that! Especially impressed with the curve on the trains, that can’t have been easy. There is a large concern about the size of the map and bomb...
  19. Smalusion

    Anniversary Update

    1 year of Athios! Wow! Happy birthday Fenix! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been a year, has it? And what a year it’s been… We’ve all been busy, I’m sure. Here’s some fun stats! From the server’s launch… Collectively, 23,000 hours have been logged on Athios. That's a lot of hours. With...
  20. Smalusion

    Why xxx is dumb

    We're currently of the mindset that the only disaster combos that are to be blacklisted are the ones that are blatantly impossible or feel incredibly unfair. Easy example being Keep Moving + Instability, where you'll blow up or fall into the void within the first 30ish seconds... His Gaze and...