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  1. ____EL_UBRE____

    Kit Kit Deadeye

    Kit Deadeye Armour: Leather pants only (?) Gear: Sharp 4 Bow, Stone sword sharp 1 Desc: An archer kit designed only for those who have mastered the art of extreme precision.
  2. ____EL_UBRE____

    Accepted Taragarh Fort

    Greetings Map name: Taragarh Fort Authors: ___EL_UBRE___ Pictures: MOST UP TO DATE LINK: Download Link: Download Link - Edit 1 -...
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    Life Tips

    Hi Ther is reason they call me the Leodardo davinci of the modrern era. I have done a tad bit of investsigation to retrevie old life tips posts and how-to's from the old rwf forums. I know I know setle down, your very welcome. The order of the imagges shoudl be with resepct to the extremely...