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  1. Tyrue

    A Tyrue rant about SnD features

    Well, you guys all know me as someone who likes to voice their opinion on certain aspects of SnD. So I decided to put it into a more formal medium. Ghost: There was a decent-sized conversation about ghost in the Athios feedback channel the other day. This will be a list of suggestions I saw and...
  2. Tyrue

    Designated time to play

    So recently we have all been playing SnD obviously. But a common trend that I've been seeing is that the population on the server is going down every day. What I'm suggesting is a designated time where we can all log on so that we can try and get 4-team maps and larger games. Attached is a...
  3. Tyrue

    A Couple Observations and a Couple Suggestions

    Observations: Demo/Pyro: There is a chance that you can hit someone with your sword and they won't be lit on fire. Similarly, this goes with pyro's bow. (I'm unaware if the same applies to venom as I have not tested it). Knockback inconsistencies: I can't really explain this one without giving...