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    Improving(?) The Current State of The Kit Purchasing System

    I don't think that this would work too well tbh. Unless it was given perfect circumstances. The problem I see with this is that the way it works now benefits the people that play the most because they can earn the credits. If you play ghost for 5 games as you said and win every game, you will...
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    1.8 like combat and Search and Destroy

    I was able to do some testing with a few of the guys Zelda listed, and I can tell you that this version of PvP feels very smooth. One thing that I don’t think Zelda mentioned but that he also fixed was kb when getting hit by multiple people. On Athios that kb is basically multiplied and you can...
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    Some SnD ideas

    Ranged Kits: I would decrease their armor because to me it doesn't make sense why their armor is as op or even more op than trooper armor. This will indirectly buff ghost/wraith, and why they or primarily ghost should receive a nerf or multiple nerfs in the future. I believe I saw pigpig say...
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    A Tyrue rant about SnD features

    Ghost: I think that the best way to change ghost is through its combat regen and the compass. I think ghost's out-of-combat regen should require 15-20 seconds before it comes online. Spy: Rather than changing spy to be able to see/hunt ghosts, there could be an entirely new kit designed to...
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    Some spitball features pertaining to 1.17 stuffs

    I like pretty much all of these ideas. For frost, I fear it would be a little strong and might need a slight armor nerf or something if it gained the frost effect. I like the idea of the crate supplies bundle. This would make people want to target the "strong" players.
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    A Tyrue rant about SnD features

    I feel like spy feels weak because the "surprise" factor that it has is underwhelming. Idk if anyone else has noticed this, but people sort of seem harder to kill/takes more hits than they did on RWF. I remember going trooper and jumping on someone, killing them quickly, and then being on my...
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    A Tyrue rant about SnD features

    A few of the ghost suggestions were things that I saw in athios feedback, not all my ideas. I thought about including some type of invis timer for ghost, but I also thought that it might take away what the actual kit is. I completely agree that adding more items for players to use would be a...
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    A Tyrue rant about SnD features

    Well, you guys all know me as someone who likes to voice their opinion on certain aspects of SnD. So I decided to put it into a more formal medium. Ghost: There was a decent-sized conversation about ghost in the Athios feedback channel the other day. This will be a list of suggestions I saw and...
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    GTA: San Athios

    Hey mama I made it!
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    Medic Visual Changes

    I like the idea of a visual queue for medics, but I think it should only be seen by the same team. This way people don't get mad at the medic for "not healing" them when they are out of heals. I think armor color changes are a bit complicated and overdramatic. A couple of heart potion effects...
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    Halloween Update

    Boom town was rejected??? That was one of the best maps. Also, while I’m on the topic of maps, new balance is literally just a flat rectangle like half of the other maps. I get that it is supposed to be nostalgic, but it’s not. It is nowhere close to the old perfect balance. Sorry if I sound...
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    Rejected Wisteria Valley

    I think this is a great map both by aesthetics and gameplay. I like how there's different height differences and not just a flat map.
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    Rejected Overgrown Path

    It reminds me of an OG Halo map. Just looking at the pictures, it looks like the gameplay on this map would be pretty boring and standard. It's pretty flat and open and would probably play similar to valley of death and other flat maps.
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    Bring Back Item Kills

    I've definitely had my fair share of item kills back on RWF, and even got a few on the Mineplex SaD. I think I managed to get a kill with every item that was available to me. Anyways, I would be in favor of this addition.
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    Unpopular Balancing Ideas

    So I've recollected my thoughts over the night and decided to put them in a less messy format than my last post. 1. Another "problem/bug" with pvp. When you get hit you stop sprinting, even while having better sprint on or pushing your sprint button. As for all of the kits he mentioned...