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    Kit Kit Wizard

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    Game mode for Athios

    Agreed, Athios literally launched snd while another server already had snd up lol
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    Game mode for Athios

    Same hopefully sans 2 is added
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    Accepted Coconut Mall

    This is fake unless funky kong is on the map somewhere
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    Kit kit sans undertale

    can confirm this is a leak I sent to zelda that i got because my uncle works at nintendo trust me
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    Kit Kit: Gravitator

    There is definetly a way and I think one of the best reworks you could do is make the kit have a bow that gets 1 arrow every 15 seconds. Shooting the floor or hitting someone will release a lignering effect that slows enemies (maybe like slowness 2-3). The cloud stays there for 5 seconds. If...
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    Something has to be done about kit prices.

    If kits were perm then they wouldn't need to drop the prices but how they are now I would like a change for more credits or cheaper kits, preferably more credits because right now you can only gain creditson win or loss and not kills
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    Kit Kit: Gravitator

    Sounds boring ok that was harsh from gameplay perspective this could be usefull but I might as well be trooper. I think if you found a way to make this more fun it could be good, wheather it be splash potions or even lingering potions which haven't been added I wouldn't mind this
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    The Rise of Athios University: Part One

    I was really hoping for the beeg yoshi to come into play along with the bwf reference but that never happened so I guess ill give it a story/10
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    Kit kit jumper

    This kit is balanced every time i played i died of fall damage 10/10 suggestion
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    I 100% agree with this post this would make the server a lot better
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    Rejected 6 SnD maps :O

    Brief thoughts on all of them- Impirerial gardens- Looks quite big but also looks really good. Uncertain on how it'll play but that could probably be fixed. Good overall Zenith- Have played this map before lots of times and it plays well, the only thing I dislike is one theres only 1 main route...